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What makes a martial art effective

What makes a martial art effective. This is from Scott Sonnen a Sambo practitioner. • Sustainability: In order for a training method to be useful, it must be non-destructive to the practitioner. If you cannot sustain the ability to practice it because it destroys your body, it will not be of any use when you…
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The oldest system of Mixed Martial Arts

This martial encompasses stand up techniques as well as a good ground game. Also addressing the transitions between the 2 ranges with very solid practical applications. Pankration dates back further than most martial arts. There are few older, but they don’t have anywhere close to reality-based techniques required for self-defense. Depending on the reference Pankration…
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The great Kimura

They have a saying in Japan about Kimura. None before, none after. His Judo and Jiu Jitsu skills were that legendary. As most grapplers are aware of the submission called the Kimura. It was coined that by the Gracie family after Kimura popped Helio Gracie’s arm with that now famous lock. Although basically, undefeated as…
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The watering down of martial arts in America

I love America and the free market for sure the issue at hand of course is that a lot of cutting corners happen in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. It affects all areas of industry. Everything from the food we eat to the water we drink. America has created some of the most unique…
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