The great Kimura

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The great Kimura

They have a saying in Japan about Kimura.

None before, none after. His Judo and Jiu Jitsu

skills were that legendary. As most grapplers are

aware of the submission called the Kimura. It was

coined that by the Gracie family after Kimura popped

Helio Gracie’s arm with that now famous lock. Although

basically, undefeated as far as I can research in grappling

matches. He didn’t fare that well when it came to

Vale Tudo, which means anything goes in Portuguese.

He lost as many as he won.

He was an amateur striker and without the uniform

to grab he never quite assimilated.

Reminds me of a great MMA fight between Tim Kennedy

vs. Roger Gracie. Roger was by far the best of his

era submitting everyone using just the basics of

jiu jitsu. Nothing fancy just the basics performed

at a very high level. Which proves that you can

never practice the basics enough. That being said

they asked Tim how he felt going up against the

best in the world in jiu jitsu. His response was classic.

“Good thing we aren’t competing in a jiu jitsu match”

He then proceeded to knock Roger out.

I am not saying striking is superior, nor am I saying

grappling is superior. As I can bring up just as many

examples of grapplers schooling strikers without a

ground game.

Why not practice both with equal fervor. We have

a mma class that addresses both grappling and striking

in the same class. Ger er done in 1. Hope to see you soon